Urban Achiever

Tommy Rehbein Returns

Episode Summary

We're back this week with another go around with good old Tommy. We learn what he's been up to since the pandemic and also dealing with a personal loss. We also chat about how to behave during a pandemic, iguanas, cats, unusual recording techniques, and more. We also hear some new music from his wife, Christy Merry as well as his new project Toilet Rats. Finally, Tommy suggests some fashion tips for the dystopian future.

Episode Notes

Tommy Rehbein's Instagram - http://instagram.com/circuitsandkittens
Tommy Rehbein's Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/tommyrehbein
Christy Merry - https://christymerry.bandcamp.com/releases
Robosapien - https://robosapien.bandcamp.com
International Karate - https://internationalkarate.bandcamp.com
Naive Sense - https://naivesense.bandcamp.com
Toilet Rats - https://toiletrats.bandcamp.com/