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A podcast about love, loyalty, faith, friendship and music.

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    Matt Traxler

    Matt Traxler of Brandtson and Steadfast Records is on the program! We talk about his near death van experiences, raccoons as pets, how he got into music and much more. Enjoy!

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    Andy Verdecchio

    Andy Verdecchio (Five Iron Frenzy) has been through the fires of life and lived to tell about it. We talk about his days growing up fighting in south Philly, older brothers, improvised drum hardware, dumpster fires, scary sandwich shops, fun nickname inducing hairdos, shantytown gigs, how he put his faith in something different, his tougher than nails cancer-survivor wife and more. Somebody gets stabbed in the head. It's not him, don't worry! Also, a special guest appearance from Walter, Andy's cat.

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    Randy Torres

    Randy Torres (Nyves, Crash Rickshaw, Project 86) was just a teenager when he starting off on his journey into music and sound. After making records with Project 86 and Crash Rickshaw he would later re-locate to the pacific northwest, spending time at Tooth & Nail Records and Microsoft. But bigger things were in the works and he would soon be headed back down south and into the desert. It's not all glamour, though, as Randy de-mystifies the actual hard work of making films for Hollywood.

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    Joby Harris

    Joby Harris (Crash Rickshaw, NASA) left his home in Pennsylvania for Hollywood to follow a dream inspired by Death Stars, Wookies, Droids and the special effects that created them. But it was friendship and two miracles that aided him in his pursuits of music and design. He dubs my laugh a "Power Massage" and explains to me the importance of long hair as a symbolic entry point to the counter culture. We also talk about anxiety, his time at Disney Imagineering and the downsides of working with toxic dangerous chemicals.

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    Chris Raines

    It's trivia time on Urban Achiever! Listen in as drummer Chris Raines of Sunndrug, Norma Jean and Spitfire attempts to name all the tracks on Def Leppard's "Hysteria" album and then turns the tables on me to name the first 20 releases on Tooth & Nail Records. It's not all fun and games as we also discuss the perils of owning a record store, dubious touring van situations, popular songs in strip clubs and more!

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    Joe Nixon

    I had no idea that Slick Shoes drummer Joe Nixon was born in another country. I also didn't know he grew up listening to Engelbert Humperdinck. These are just a few of the shocking revelations from this fun chat with my pal Joe. We also dig in to how he met shredder guitarist Jackson Mould, good places to day drink in the desert and much more. It's going to be sick!

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    Kat Jones

    My guest this week, Kat Jones (Kat Jones & The Prophets), has found inspiration in everything from the musical Annie to horror movies like Leprechaun and Ginger Snaps. Her personal journey has taken her from Fresno to Oklahoma to Edinburgh to Nashville to Oregon and back - running from the mob, surviving floods, dabbling in witchcraft and more along the way. And in the midst of it all she has heard God speak, often directly, in a way she feels in her bones. Get ready for a glorious time!

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    Ballz Palzy

    Hello, Achievers! I kicked off the first couple months of the new year with a fun case of Bells Palsy. Find out about that, documentaries and shows I've been watching and more.

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    Every Day Is Garbage Day

    It feels like every day is garbage day in NYC. Maybe it is. Maybe it should be. Not just here, but everywhere.

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