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Urban Achiever with Billy Power is a podcast about love, loyalty, faith, friendship and music.

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    Episode 98 - Mental Health Day

    I took a mental health day on Saturday. I needed some time off to slow down for a minute. Plus, college updates, thank you knuckle tattoos and more!

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    Episode 97 - You're the DJ

    I just spent four days in Philadelphia for a conference. I think I had a good time. We'll just have to see about that.

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    Episode 96 - Existential Crisis

    Hello, friends! It's a new week and a new you! Well, we can at least try can't we? Some talk today about Macon Blair's new movie "I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore," as well as updates on Love For Kitui and Sally Grayson's Indiegogo campaign. Is that enough? No? Well, there's always next Monday!

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    Episode 95 - Sally Grayson

    It's a great time to be alive, to be an American...living overseas! I know, Achievers, that not all believe this is a dystopian future we're living in. But people in other countries wonder what we are doing. They really, wonder. Sally, who hails from the magical land of Michigan, is one of those people. When she's not pondering how we've lost our collective conscious she's making really bad ass music, or performing on the German version of The Voice, or giving a Ted Talk or being a mom. Sally's got a new Black Swift - that's the name of her band and it's no bullshit, let me tell you! She's got a brand new album coming out called "See Me Human" and she's got some stuff to say about it. Get ready!

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    Episode 94 - Blizzardy

    Hello, friends! Beware of Blizzard Stella which is headed our way. It's about to get blizzardy up in here. Is that a word? Probably not. Oh well. Some words about my friends at Love For Kitui, 100 year old security guards, home improvement, self-improvement, improvement improvement. It's only 15 minutes long, you'll get through it.

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    Episode 93 - Jesse Sprinkle

    Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Morella's Forest) is stuck in my mind as a 13-year-old drummer for Bell Bang Villa, a Seattle area band who had recently changed their name to Poor Old Lu. I am still having a hard time accepting that he's now a 40-something husband and father of five who has been to Africa eight times and runs a recording studio (Bluebrick Recordings) in upstate New York for a living. Listen in as a couple of old guys try to figure out how they got to where they are now.

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    Episode 92 - Open Books

    Happy Monday, Achievers! Today, a few good words from a friend of the program Joel Eastlick regarding immigrants and African Americans. Also, a movie you may or may not want to watch, an incident involving Fletcher from the band Pennywise and a good report from my doctor.

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    Episode 91 - Lost Plots

    Some talk about the Oscars, the Wonder Years and I'm going to preview clips from 3 different Spoken In Tonuges pre-production demos.

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    Episode 89 - Just Sing

    This week we're (and by "we're I mean me) going to talk about the importance of just singing. Also, how the brain changes itself, cooking iguanas, where to invade next, a college update and much more!

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